Publications and projects

Image of part of a seventeenth century testament showing early modern handwriting

Selected publications

Palaeography and transcriptions

Robert H J Urquhart and Rob Close (editors), The Hearth Tax for Ayrshire (1998)

I was a proof-reader for the indexing work on Ayr burgh records for Alistair Lindsay and Jean Kennedy (editors), The Burgesses and Guild Brethren of Ayr, 1647-1846 (Ayrshire Federation of Historical Societies, 2002)

I was the original editor and content writer for the Scottish Handwriting website.

Wider historical research and archive sources

John Burnett and Robert H J Urquhart, ‘Early Papingo Shooting in Scotland’ in Review of Scottish Culture, volume 11 (1998-9)

William Lang and Robert H J Urquhart, ‘A Seventeenth-century Description of Herring Fishing off the West Coast of Scotland’, in Scottish Archives, volume 5 (1999)

Alastair Dinsmor and Robert H J Urquhart, ‘The Origins of Modern Policing in Scotland’ in Scottish Archives, volume 7 (2001)

Kirsty M Forbes and Robert H J Urquhart, ‘Records in the National Archives of Scotland relating to Poor Relief, 1845-1930’ in Scottish Archives, volume 8 (2002)

Current research work and interests

With Dr David Leitch, I am researching the alteration of civil parish boundaries in Scotland between 1894 and 1929, with the intention of publishing a definitive digest of parishes modified under the 1894 Local Government (Scotland) Act.

I am transcribing rental rolls and other material relating to the island of Arran in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Along with volunteers in Scotland and Zeeland, I am transcribing seventeenth century accounts of the Scots kirk in Veere.

I am one of several tutors running online palaeography classes on behalf of the Scottish Records Association.